Blood tests- This tests for the number of certain blood cells.
Bone Marrow Aspiration - takes spinal fluid to test for cancer cells
Bone Marrow Biopsy - Uses a liquid sample of blood marrow to test for cancer cells
Spinal Tap - Uses cerebrospinal fluid to check for cancer cells
Routine Microscopic Exam - a sample of blood, bone marrow, lymph node tissue, or cerebrospinal fluid
Bone, Blood marrow, Lymph node tissue, or cerebrospinal fluid tests - used to determine type of Leukemia
Cytogenetic Analysis Immunophenotyping - looks for changes in chromasomes
Chest X-Ray - used to find infection or swelling of lymph nodes
CT Scan - a computer makes a picture of the bodies insides
MRI Scan - uses magnetic waves to see inside the body
Gallium Scan - chemicals are injected into the bloodstream to look for cancers
Bone Scan
Ultrasound - examines masses inside body